Let’s Get Started

We love our regular consigners and are always happy to have new ones. If you are starting a new account, we ask that you bring in at least 10 items. We have a few simple policies for consigning with us:

  • To start an account you must have at least 10 consignable items.
  • Consignment drop-off hours are Monday-Friday 10AM-5:30PM only!
  • Consignments accepted Monday – Friday without an appointment. Saturday APPOINTMENT ONLY!
  • Clothes must be current and in style!
  • Clothes must be within 2 years in age! Not 10 years, 20 years or 30 years old. We are running a store, not a museum :)!
  • Clothing must be CLEANED, PRESSED and ON HANGERS and ODOR-FREE (no perfume, smoke or moth balls please).
  • Please no more than 25 items per drop-off.
  • Please DO NOT bring shoes in shoe boxes.
  • If you have non-hanging items, please bring them in a bag we can keep.
  • We will determine the price of the item. Everything is priced according to condition, style, color, fabric and original cost.
  • You will receive 40% of the selling price. You will receive 70% for any item over $1000.
  • Our seasons are March – July (Spring/Summer), September – January (Fall/Winter), February and August (Transitional Items).

what we accept

We accept clothing, shoes, accessories from many brands, from casual to high end couture including upscale mall and independent brands. This list is just a sampling of our inventory. If you don’t see it here, that doesn’t mean we don’t have it or don’t accept it. Just ask!

Consignment Form

Please fill this form out and print it out to bring in with you (you will be emailed a copy of the form that you can print out)

  • Please tell us about your items. Click the + symbol to add more rows.
    SizeColorBrandDescription of item in detailRetail Price 
  • Items we can't consign will be donated to charity unless you'd prefer to have them back.
  • The consignor receives 40% of the listed selling price (70% for items over $1,000). Payments are made in the store after the first of the month for the previous month’s sales. Monies should be picked up within 365 days of the last consigned date or it will be ruled null and void. The consignment period is 60 days from the day the article is priced and put out on the sales floor. Items unsold at the end of the 60 days are automatically donated to a charity of our choice and the consignor receives the tax receipt upon request. Unsold couture items may be picked up on the 60th day. It is the responsibility of the consignor to pick up these items. We set the selling price. We reserve the right to reduce any item during the 60 day consignment period. We reserve the right to donate any item found to be stained or otherwise not sellable during the 60 day consignment period. We pledge to do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss. Everything is left at the owner’s risk.